Borough Administrative Office
    Dog/Cat Licenses:
        Click here for a dog/cat license application
    Employment Applications:
        Click here to print out an application
    Marriage License:
        Click here for Marriage License information
    Vital Statistics Records:
        Click here for the New Jersey Dept. of Health and Senior Services website
Beach Information
        Click here to visit the Avon Beach Patrol website
        Click here for additional information on the Avon Beach Patrol
        and the Junior Lifeguard Program
Code Enforcement
    Code Online
        Click here to view the Borough of Avon Code book
    Construction & Zoning Departments:
        Click here to view Land Development Ordinance information
        Click here for the Dumpster Usage Application.
   Certificate of Occupancy & Smoke Detector Compliance Application:
        Click here for CO & Smoke Detector Compliance Application
    Other Useful Links:
        Application for Fire Safety Permit
        National Fire Protection Association
        After a fire
        Sparky The Fire Dog
Elementary School
        Click here to visit the Avon-by-the-Sea Elementary School website
Volunteer Fire Department
    Useful Links:
        NJ Division of Fire Safety
        US Fire Administration
    For kids:
        Sparky The Fire Dog
        Smokey Bear
First Aid & Safety Squad
        Click here to view the Avon 5K Run Walk registration information
NJ Transit Bus Information
        Click here to view the NJ Transit Bus schedule information
NJ Transit Train Information
        Click here to view the NJ Transit Train schedule information
Office of Emergency Management
    Online Survey:
        Click here to view the OEM's online survey
    Register Ready:
        Click here to learn more about the Register Ready program
Open Public Records Act Request
        Click here to access the request form.
Police Department
        Click here to visit the Avon-by-the-Sea Police Department website
    Violation payment information:
Municipal Pool
        Pool registration form
Public Library
    Asbury Park Press (full text and at no charge from 1991-present):
        Please use the id: avonstudent, password: bythesea
   Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative products:
    Library Collections and Interlibrary Loan from home:
    Genealogical databases, Periodicals, and Health and Consumer Info.:
        Please use Barcode 24050 for all state funded databases
Public Works
    Monmouth County Reclamation Center
        Click here to visit the Monmouth County Reclamation Center website
   Storm Water Pollution:
    Water & Sewer:
        Click here to print out a form for road excavations and road opening permits
        Click here for the "Water for Building Purposes" application
Recreation Department
    Little League Baseball
    Municipal Gym Rental
        Click here to view the Gym rules and rental information
    Recreation Facility Use Form: 
        Click here to view the Recreation Facility Use Form
    Pavilion Rental: 
        Click here to view the Pavilion rules and rental information
    Recreation Facility Use Form: 
        Click here to view the Recreation Facility Use Form
    Recreation Registration Form: 
        Click here to view the Recreation Registration Form
Tax Collections Office
    NJ Annual Tax Sale Basics:
        Click here for the BASICS OF NEW JERSEY TAX SALES
    NJ Annual Tax Sale Information:
    Senior Citizen’s Annual Property Tax Deduction:
    Supplemental Income Statement, Eligibility for Deduction:
    Tax Forms: 
        Click here for the Monmouth County appeal link & contact assessor
    Tax Rebate Programs:
   Veteran’s/Widow of Veteran’s Deduction:
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