Avon-by-the-Sea Police Department
301 Main Street
Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ 07717
Office: 732-502-4500/Fax: (732) 775-8618
E-Mail: tmahon@avonpd.org
Terence P. Mahon, Chief of Police
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visit the Avon-by-the-Sea Police Department website.

As summer quickly approaches, the members of the Avon-by-the-Sea Police Department would like to remind residents and visitors of the parking changes that occur during this time. We have some new Class I Officers in the 2 week training course at the Monmouth County Police Academy and our Class II Officers just completed the 10 month program. They are all eager to get back to work at the beachfront.
PLEASE NOTE: May 1st through November 14th in the first two blocks from Ocean Avenue, the parking changes from Parallel to Diagonal along the North & East sides.
As each summer approaches, we like to remind everyone of some other important topics.
1. Dogs are not permitted on the beach between May 1st and October 1st. Dogs are never permitted on the boardwalk.
2. The speed limit throughout the town is 25 MPH.
3. Parking is not permitted in any Lane in the Borough.
4. No one is permitted to talk, page or text on a cell phone while driving. This law went into effect 2 months ago, and officers are now permitted to stop you for violating this law.
5. Please be cognizant of the 4-way Stops along Third Avenue.
6. Please secure bicycles in a locked garage, shed, or residence. Make sure you have the bikes locked as well. Each year we have a large number of bicycles stolen. If your bikes are in a locked garage/shed/residence out of sight we can greatly reduce the number of thefts.
7. We also need you to secure your power tools, surfboards, lawn equipment, and other small items. When left out in the open, these items create an opportunity for would-be thieves. If we store items properly, we can greatly reduce the chances of them being stolen.
8. Any juvenile under the age of 17 is required by law to wear a helmet while cycling, roller-skating, in-line skating or skateboarding.
9. Construction may be done on Monday through Saturday from 8 AM through 5 PM.
10. Lawn Maintenance may be done after 8 AM on Monday through Saturday and after 12 PM on Sundays.
If anyone sees anything unusual, we ask that you call the Police Department right away at (732) 502-4500. If you would like to contact any officer and it does not require an immediate response, you may call the department or go to the website and send them an email at: www.avonpd.org. Each officer's email address is listed on this page. Of course you can always call Police Headquarters as well.
Avon-by-the-Sea Parking Information

Diagonal parking on designated streets from May 1 through November 14
Parallel parking on designated streets from November 15 through April 30
During times of snow, park on the west and south sides of the street until the plows have come through and cleared the other sides. Then move the vehicles to the east and north side so the plows may continue.

According to the BOCA National Property Maintenance Code, all residences must have address numbers on them which are visible from the street.
If you are going to be away for any amount of time, please stop in or call the police desk to inform the department of your absence. We will take down your information regarding keyholder information. We will also periodically check the exterior of your residence to make sure there are no problems.
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