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Animal Control

animal controlAssociated Humane Society provides animal control services to your township.  Residents needing to report a general animal related inquiry should call 732-922-0100 during normal business hours (7 days, except holidays, between 9 AM - 5 PM).  On holidays or afterhours, residents must contact the Borough Police Department non-emergency number (732-502-4510).  The Borough Police Department can contact the Associated Humane Society directly 24/7 and on holidays as needed.

Residents should note the following:

  • Animal cruelty concerns should be reported to the Police Department ASAP
  • Non-Emergency Calls - Non life-threatening inquires for a domestic or wild animal should be made during normal business hours.
  • Animal Control is not responsible for and does not pick up:  rodents (mice, rats, voles, or moles) or marine mammals.  For distressed marine mammals call 609-266-0538.  They will not pick up dead deer or Canadian Geese, unless they are injured.
  • Animal Control will pick up:  bats that are inside of a house where a human may have had contact or any domestic or wildlife animal that is injured.  Stray domestic animals that are not injured but are contained will be picked up during regular business hours.  In some circumstances, if an animal is contained and it is after hours, the police department can call animal control to inquire about pick up.