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Frequently Asked Questions

Municipal Court

When does my ticket have to be paid and how much is it?
The ticket is payable on or before the court date listed at the bottom of your ticket. The fine for the most common violations is on the back of the ticket. For violations not listed please call the court office or log on to the Web Site
How many points are assessed for this violation?
All moving violations are assessed points by the Division of Motor Vehicles – you may contact them at 609-292-6500 or you may use the web site listed above.
Do I have to appear in Court?
If the Officer who issued the ticket checked Court Appearance Required at the bottom of your ticket, you must appear in court. Only violations listed on the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule can be paid without coming to court. If you wish to plead “Not Guilty” to a summons you must call the court seven (7) days prior to the court date to enter your “Not Guilty” plea.
What do I do if I pled "Not Guilty"?
You will receive a notice in the mail with your Court Date listed. You must come to court on that date and the Prosecutor will be available to speak with you. The Prosecutor is usually available prior to court at approximately 1:00 pm.
Do I need an Attorney?
That is a decision you will have to make. For serious charges such as DWI and criminal violations you may want to consult with an Attorney. The Court cannot recommend Attorneys. You may call the Monmouth County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at 732-431-5544.
I need to change my court date.
You must call the court to request an adjournment. If you are requesting a change due to a previously scheduled vacation or work/school conflict, documentation must be provided. No adjournments are granted on the day of court. In the case of a medical emergency, a Doctor’s note will be required.

No adjournments will be granted for Arraignments on Indictable matters or first appearances for serious motor vehicle charges such as DWI unless we receive a letter of representation from an attorney.

How do I request the services of the Public Defender?
If you wish to request that the Public Defender be assigned to your case, you must do so in court. The judge will require that you fill out a form listing your assets and income. The judge will review your application and discuss it with you. If the judge assigns the Public Defender, he can assess a fee of up to $200. If the Public Defender is assigned to you, you will receive a notice in the mail and a Court Date. The Public Defender will meet with you in court on that date. If the Public Defender needs more time, he will request a new court date.
How do I sign a complaint?
In order to sign a complaint you must come to the court office during regular business hours. You will be asked to fill out an affidavit with the following information: Name and address of the person you wish to charge, Time and Date of the offense, Statute number and offense/charge, and a brief description of the incident.