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Training Page


Admins and Editors
‚ Login Button (This button is used to log into the site)

‚ Edit Center Data (How do I edit webpages)
o Link to a page (outer page and inner page)
o Link to an anchor
o Link to a document
o Link to a new embedded page
o Link to Email / Link to Telephone
o Inserting YouTube Videos / Insert Images

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‚ Save/Save-As-draft (publishing)/Cancel/ History buttons (Save your work!)
‚ Left Nav and Sub-pages (How to create pages)
‚ Modules (Different types of webpages)
o Document Center (Tax forms, Housing forms, etc)
o FAQ Center (What are the winning lotto numbers?)
‚ Edit Banner (How to edit the top image of a page)
‚ Calendar Events (What’s a calendar?)
‚ Revize Support / Help button/ Revize FAQ page (Where do I get help?)

Admin-Only Related Items
‚ Edit Meta Data (How does Google talk to my webpage?)
‚ Admin Panel Button (Assigning users, roles, and creating accounts)
‚ Admin (Hidden) Pages (Otherwise known as the “Admin Page”)
‚ Quick Link Buttons (How do I change the buttons on the homepage?)
‚ Picture Slider (How to edit the homepages top image)
‚ Emergency Alert (This is an alert, for emergencies)
‚ News Event (What’s news with you?)




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