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Training Page


Admins and Editors
?‚? Login Button (This button is used to log into the site)

?‚? Edit Center Data (How do I edit webpages)
o Link to a page (outer page and inner page)
o Link to an anchor
o Link to a document
o Link to a new embedded page
o Link to Email / Link to Telephone
o Inserting YouTube Videos / Insert Images

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?‚? Save/Save-As-draft (publishing)/Cancel/ History buttons (Save your work!)
?‚? Left Nav and Sub-pages (How to create pages)
?‚? Modules (Different types of webpages)
o Document Center (Tax forms, Housing forms, etc)
o FAQ Center (What are the winning lotto numbers?)
?‚? Edit Banner (How to edit the top image of a page)
?‚? Calendar Events (What’s a calendar?)
?‚? Revize Support / Help button/ Revize FAQ page (Where do I get help?)

Admin-Only Related Items
?‚? Edit Meta Data (How does Google talk to my webpage?)
?‚? Admin Panel Button (Assigning users, roles, and creating accounts)
?‚? Admin (Hidden) Pages (Otherwise known as the “Admin Page”)
?‚? Quick Link Buttons (How do I change the buttons on the homepage?)
?‚? Picture Slider (How to edit the homepages top image)
?‚? Emergency Alert (This is an alert, for emergencies)
?‚? News Event (What’s news with you?)




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